Companies should build up abilities to compete in international markets

The new global environment demands that internationalisation forms part of the activity of companies, developing skills that allow them to compete within international markets. In such an environment there are risks and uncertainties, but also challenges and opportunities that call for specialist knowledge for the use of specific tools.

Phase I: Strategic reflection for Internationalisation

  1. Definition of framework for reflection
  2. Diagnosis: DAFO analysis
  3. Review of definitions of mission, vision and values
  4. Strategic objectives and lines of action

Phase II: Project development

Phase III: Internationalisation operational plan

  1. Market plan: Corporate business units and competitive advantages
  2. Canvas analysis: clients, channels, payment methods, resources, partner, budget
  3. Business plan. Sales estimate and financial necessities
  4. Control and follow-up.

ASECOEX offers the assistance of officially endorsed consultants to carry out internationalisation programs eligible for public aids and subsidies both at regional and national level.

Mercados internacionales