1. Commercial trading

  • Devising and monitoring of all kinds of contracts:
    • Purchase & Sale, Agency, Distribution and Supply, Work and Turnkey.
    • Terms & Conditions for contracting.
    • Strategic partnerships and other co-operation agreements.
    • Technology transfer, patents, licences and know-how.
  • Issue of reports and rulings by our network of lawyers abroad on the contracts proposed by third parties to our clients.

2. Companies

In ASECOEX we offer advice for all our clients’ needs and understand Company law as a “comprehensive” discipline within the legal sphere.

  • Establishment and start up of companies, maintenance and validity of governing bodies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, negotiation processes, Due Diligence:

    • Counselling on and enforcement of corporate merger and acquisition agreements throughout the negotiation process.
    • Due Diligence (Corporate, Contractual, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Taxes, Employment, Environmental, etc.
    • Drafting and negotiation purchase and sale contracts, previous to analysis of legal and labour consequences of changes in company’s ownership.
  • Bankruptcy Law.

3. Procedure and Arbitration

  • Civil and mercantile dispute.
  • National and International Arbitration. ASECOEX advises and represents its clients in legal proceedings related with arbitration: appointment of arbitrators, assistance in examination of evidence, precautionary measures, action for the cancellation and mandatory enforcement of arbitral award.

4. Establishment of Companies in Spain and abroad

  • Establishment of companies in Spain
    • ASECOEX informs and advises about the best way to implement your business Project in Spain: Subsidiary, joint-venture, temporary joint-ventures.
    • Feasibility studies and design of financial investment plans.
    • Incorporation of the company, advice on labour and tax matters.
    • Search for Spanish business partners and formalization of commercial operations.
  • Establishment of companies abroad
    • Information and advice regarding legal framework, procedures and incentives for investment abroad, double taxation agreements, fiscal and labour system in country of destination.
    • Advice on feasibility studies and design of financial investment plans.
    • Establishment of the most suitable form of implantation in accordance with the county of destination.

5. Industrial and intellectual property